Friday, 7 October 2011

October and ONWARDS


Podcast news:

Getting Better Acquainted has been getting fantastic responses. People I hardly speak to emailing me out of the blue telling me they're enjoying it. So glad it's working for people. It's certainly changed my life. And it's only just begun, so many great conversations are stored on my hard drives and will be released weekly for at least a year!

The series has a main feed where you can stream or download the episodes:

You can also subscribe and download it via iTunes:

But when I was reorganising the files to create the direct download option I had a revelation. Another interesting way to listen to the series might be to listen to the separate strands rather than the tapestry:

University Friends
Writing Group
The Cardiff Episodes
Conversations with Musicians
The Fringe Festival Season
Apples for Everyone
GBA Specials

These playlists will grow as the series goes on. New lists will be added.


The podcast experiment Four Days in a Room is over. The last episode aired last monday. We have gathered the best episodes together in a downloadable/streamable playlist:

These are the 18 best episodes from the series. And they are all that now remains of the project.


From now till mid November I'm producing the true story podcast Spark London on behalf of rethinkdaily. Subscribe to it on iTunes or stream in on Mixcloud

Music news:

The Plural have made written, performed and recorded 1 song each month this year:

There will be three more. Each song is done in a day. This months song was done is 4 hours:


The Reactionaries are beggining their second album. It is going to be great. Our first album is here:


My new band is still looking for percussion but we are very close to existing. It will be a monthly web series released as a podcast and as YouTube videos. If you know anyone interested in doing percussion for it or getting involved with filming it or designing its website please pass on my details to them. Maybe you're that person in which case drop me a line.

Other news:

Some other things are brewing, both in terms of writing and performing, but they are still in progress so I'm keeping them hush hush.

I did recently experience Hackney Hear and it was AMAZING. I strongly suggest you do your best to experience it too. Follow it on facebook and twitter for all the latest HH details.

Thanks for your time.

Please let me know if you want off this email list!