Thursday, 15 November 2012

So I am sitting at the back of a crowded bus eating my packed lunch. A woman comes over and insists on me moving my bag with wheels out of her way, despite the bus driver keeping on mentioning that there are seats upstairs. She just really seems to want to sit opposite me. I do the polite thing and lift my bag with wheels onto the seat next to me where I have to hold it with one hand to stop it fa
lling on some fellow travellers. My other hand continues to eat my packed lunch. The box is balanced on my knee. The woman then puts a collection of her bags onto my feet. She takes out some wrapping paper and Sellotape and uses the space left on my knees as a table to wrap up a series of birthday presents! At one point she drops one of her presents on the guy sitting next to her and apologises. But she doesn't seem to consider it necessary to apologise, or even ask permission, for using my knees as her craft table. She gets properly stuck in, putting quite a lot of force on my knees when she does some if the trickier bits of sticking.

I found it bemusing to eat my lunch one handed, holding a heavy bag in an awkward position as my lap was used as a piece of furniture.