Friday, 24 September 2010

His and Hers Spotify Playlists about Wanking

So I've done some very high minded spotify playlists recently so as an antidote here's 2 about wanking. One from the male perspective and the other from the female:

Wank: Boys

Wank: Girls

Friday, 17 September 2010

Found Story 2: The Badgers and the Goodgers

[I found 2 stories I wrote when I was 6.
All grammer/spelling mistakes are from original.]

A long time ago in the times when the Gods and the demons lived there was a wood with the only Badgers and the Goodgers in it.

The Badgers were very bad they did not wosh or blow thar nose. The Goodgers were good thay wosh and blow thar nose.

But the demon of the land made a drought and that made famin. In the famin the Badgers and the Goodfers were the worst off. But the Goodgers gave their food to the badgers. So the Goodgers died but the Badgers lived.


Found Story 1: The Juggler Who Worked For God

[I found 2 stories I wrote when I was 6.
All grammar/spelling mistakes are from original.]


A very long time ago there was

a juggler

who was working for God juggling

all over the world just for the people

all over the world.



The juggler had grown old and feeble.

He couldn't do very well tricks anymore. He decided to become a monk and he went into a monastery and there was a statue of Mary holding Jesus.

The baby looked so nice that the juggler performed tricks, and one of the monks in the monastery saw him performing and he went to tell his master that there was a madman in the monastery.

When the monk came back he found that the juggler was dead holding a ball with the world on it, and he had died at Jesus's feet.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Heaven: A Made for TV Movie

Okay so recently I have been making themed based spotify playlists and like most things I do I've been a little obsessive about it. I've got quite a few more in the pipeline and I'll be sharing those as and when they're ready. And if you want to hear the previous ones you can search back in my twitter feed and find links.

This one came from a similar idea as the one I did about Jesus and the one I'm currently compiling about God. However this one turned into a narrative list, with each part being formed of two tracks, one speaking and the other replying.

So far so pretentious. But there you go. So this playlist needs notes and they are written below:

Heaven: A Made for TV Movie
Two souls die and meet in heaven

Track 1 and 2: The Death and The Promise
Track 3 and 4: The way to heaven
Track 5 and 6. Knocking on the door and going in
Track 7 and 8. The joy and beauty of heaven
Track 9. and 10. The material nature of heaven
Track 11. and 12. The medium of heaven
Track 13. and 14. Outro