Friday, 17 September 2010

Found Story 1: The Juggler Who Worked For God

[I found 2 stories I wrote when I was 6.
All grammar/spelling mistakes are from original.]


A very long time ago there was

a juggler

who was working for God juggling

all over the world just for the people

all over the world.



The juggler had grown old and feeble.

He couldn't do very well tricks anymore. He decided to become a monk and he went into a monastery and there was a statue of Mary holding Jesus.

The baby looked so nice that the juggler performed tricks, and one of the monks in the monastery saw him performing and he went to tell his master that there was a madman in the monastery.

When the monk came back he found that the juggler was dead holding a ball with the world on it, and he had died at Jesus's feet.



  1. bloomin marvellous!

    When's number 2 going up? I have one of a similar age....I'll scan if you do?

    Jen x

  2. Hey Jen,

    Only just saw the comment! I think I'll have to sort out my blog settings to get told when these things happen!!!