Saturday, 26 March 2011

The truth...

I have just watched the BBC news. First up any claim that the BBC has a liberal bias is 100% bollocks. What I just watched was a very slanted representation of the march I went on today. The headline should be: Over a quarter of a million protesters marched peacefully through London. That is the most important thing.

A small group of people committing vandalism and clashing with riot police isn't the lead story. Not only is it not the lead story it is also vastly misrepresented by being on a continuous loop. Generally no footage of the earlier march is shown. Everything is violence. And that is already over. [NB at the time of writing this it had all got quiet, it was only later that the clashes began again. This doesn't change any of the following:]

Furthermore they are mixing things up. The violence was NOT committed by UK Uncut. But by a hardcore of "anarchists" / "the black bloc". They are mixing these two separate groups together. UK Uncut did peaceful, intelligent protest.

They even described wanting tax dodgers and banks to pay their taxes as an anarchist ideological point of view. Anarchists do not believe in taxes, let alone that they should be paid. That is stupid misinformation.

By emphasising all of this and even playing footage of the violence as their pro-march talking head [Sunny Hundal] was on they were giving as false impression. They even continued to play it when he said that it was the responsibility of the media to present the events realistically rather than top loading it with the violence. They proved his anti-media point as he made it. BUT pictures lodge in the mind more than disembodied voices.

This is terrible reporting. It also forms lies in peoples minds. All I can hope is that there were so many people there that these lies will be seen clearly. The truth must be told. We also have our OWN media and can spread OUR news via it. Facebook, twitter, whatever, make sure an accurate view is seen by those who weren't there. This is important. Today we said: "Who's streets, our streets." and we walked down them freely communicating a message. Tomorrow we must say "Who's media, our media." and reclaim the truth.

Having seen this footage I will be reconsidering if I sign any future "save the BBC" petitions. I guess they are better than Sky! This is ludicrous behavior, the BBC, like the police, are under threat from these cuts. We ARE all in it together. Apart from the millionaire filled cabinet, the banks that gambled and lost with our money, and the businesses that do not pay the amount of tax they owe.

And now I must go and eat a lovely meal with my fellow marchers, who are currently asking the very real question to each other "What shall we watch that we can trust."


Postscript 1: One reason things are being confused is that whilst UK Uncut closed down and occupied Fortnam and Masons they were NOT the "anarchists" who smashed things up outside and threw stuff. That is why the footage shows UK Uncut banners beside the "anarchists".

Some accounts from UK Uncut protestors who were inside F and M:

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Some articles and blogs that present the March and Uncut Actions in the way that I and my friends experienced it:

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Postcript 2: The below video and this video on the guardian website seem to me to be closer to most peoples experience of the March and the UK Uncut Actions:


  1. The BBC's news reporting has become increasingly biased - ever since the Labour Government started threatening them with reducing the licence fee. Ultimately, while the Government have control of licence fees, the BBC will always have a bias that favours the Government!

  2. it were actually half anarchists, half communists and they were running around in gangs of like 50. i was at the front of the minority protest in oxford street and when we got there all the windows were already smashed, people were like "did we do that?"

  3. I am an Anarchist and I believe the rich should pay their taxes under capitalism.

    Anarchism like feminism is a broad church ("Demanding The Impossible" A History of Anarchism Peter Marshall.)

    Sorry comrade, but you seem to think Anarchy is synonymous with mindless violence. It's not mindless; it's thought out. Mindless violence is what my fellow workers do every weekend when they get pissed and hit each other for no good reason other than from frustration with their crappy lives under capitalism. The violence of the state is what? Order? Social control? The real story today was how the TUC fat cat trade union bureaucracy (who are on 150K pa and en route to the House of Lords via MI5) continue to dampen down effective working class activism and fail to call for general strikes or any kind of real action that would make the rich pay. THAT is the real story.

    Peaceful marches make us feel better and raise consciousness. But since the media corporate lie machine is going to tell lies anyway, does it really matter that they MISS your "real" story? ie that we are all peaceful compliant put-upon wage slaves who go home quietly at the end of the daycos Len McClusky told us to...

    btw There is always a tiny rogue violent minority at these events ... the police

  4. Don't buy a TV license. That's the answer. If they don't get our money, they won't be able to pit these lies out there.

  5. Thanks for your responses and challenges. Please don't assume you will understand my entire political views based on a specific post.


  6. @ Spaghetti Faction

    I have added "" to the anarchist tag. They describe themselves that way but they do not represent anarchism. Sorry to have missed them off the first time.

  7. What struck me was that this same government is bombing in Libya "to protect democratic protest" and at the same time are clamping down on very similar protests on the streets of London... and as you say the reporting of the BBC IS QUITE DIFFERENT