Thursday, 1 December 2011

The truth behind #Clarkson...

These stupid attacks on Clarkson's right to free speach put fog around the truth. To not have legal attacks on Clarkson for his conduct (and I bet you that none will be instigated) is to have a double standard.

Many people are prosecuted unfairly in this country; the twitter joke trial, fortnum and masons 140, etc... People received 4 years for a Facebook page advocating rioting. Even though it didn't incite a riot.

If Clarkson shouldn't face legal proceedings (and I don't think he should) then none of them should face it either. This is what people should be complaining about. This is where we have something worthy of outrage.

When people make public statements against power it is being seen as illegal. When they make them with power, even in an offensive way, it is not.

That is not fair. It isn't right. And it is the way things have always been, to a greater or lesser extent.

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