Tuesday, 31 July 2012

GBA @ The Edinburgh Fringe

Around a year ago Getting Better Acquainted had it's first Edinburgh Festival Fringe Season. Well, actually is was a Fringe Festival Season because it included stuff happening at last year's Camden Fringe.

This year's Edinburgh Festival Season kicks off tomorrow with a conversation with Lucy Ayrton who's doing some fantastic shows as part of the Free Fringe.

Lullabies to Make Your Children Cry

Flea Circus Open Slam

This is last years Edinburgh Festival Special (Episode 15 of the series). Like all GBA specials it's in a documentary/personal journey style and it's a good listen out of it's original context. That said many of the reviews and people featured in it are doing things up at the Festival this year. e.g. Richard Tyrone Jones Has a Big Heart and Translunar Paradise by Theatre Ad Infinitum (both I strongly recommend) and it gives a taster of the festival  experience so it's great for people getting ready to go up. It is a long train ride after all. Why not fill it with some audio?

This weekend I'm going up to the festival myself! I'll be recording some conversations and the material that will make up GBA Edinburgh Festival Special 2. I don't know what it will be yet as I haven't recorded it yet!

This time I'm going up, not as part of a stag weekend, but to perform at Grant's True Tales Presents Spark London Storytelling and to record some GBAs. This time I'm less an audience member and more active participant in the festivities, so the journey will no doubt be very different. I'll be frantically editing it all (possibly on the train back to London) and it should come out on Friday 10th August. There will also be full conversations released as normal on Wednesdays recorded with performers in the opening weekend.

I am excited. And nervous. And all other appropriate emotions (with a few inappropriate ones thrown in for good measure.) Hope you enjoy this years Fringe Season. If you're in Edinburgh and we bump into each other then you might even become a part of it!

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