Thursday, 31 January 2013

A glimpse into my day: #ChildrensWorkerTraumas

In my last session of the day. The children are 3-5 year old nursery children.

Me: I see you are a pirate today.

Girl: Yes, I have a moustache.

Me: Yes you do. And I have a beard. But my beard is real. And won't wash off.

Girl: What *is* real, David?"

Me: I don't really know and it would take too long to try and explain.

Boy: Why won't your beard come off?

Me: Well it will if I shave it. What I mean is mine is attached not painted on.

Girl: Why do you wear a necklace, David.

Me: Um... because I like it.

Girl: Well you should take it off and put in in your pocket.

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