Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Review: Four Lions

Four Lions is a big disappointment, although it is worth seeing.

It's too easy and ducks all the difficult questions. As a comedy it doesn't have enough edge and as a drama it doesn't have enough truth. The family life is unbelievable. It doesn't even touch on religion properly. Too much of the humour is based on characters being stupid.

Chris Morris and the other great writers on it (peep show /thick of it) plus the very talented cast really missed a trick.

It could have been great, but instead it is "interesting" and is surprisingly, given Morris' flawless track record, a real cop out. Its clear that it was written by leftist atheists who don't really understand their subject despite doing a lot of research.

He has achieved his aim of a Dads Army treatment of terrorists. But I'm not sure the goal was a worthwhile one. Dads army at its best is much better. As was everything else Morris has done.

Ah well...

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