Saturday, 19 June 2010

Recommendation: WetDog and Betty and the Werewolves

Last Thursday I went to see the amazing amazing Betty and the Werewolves last thursday. It was there single launch.

Supporting them were WETDOG who I heard for the first time and who really blew me away. They sound good recorded but they even better live. My current favorite of their tracks is Lower Leg, but I'm only just starting to find out about them.

Betty and the Werewolves consist of three girls with a boy on drums. They play poppy punky uptempo music with luscious harmonies, delightful guitar riffs and occasional keyboard (the bass player swaps between bass and keys sometimes mid song.) You can currently buy them through Itunes or on Vinyl (one extreme to the other!!) but next month they will be releasing an album that will be gettable on CD).

Wetdog are an all girl three-piece with a real punk spirit and a flare for exciting and engaging stagecraft playing urgent danceable delights. Their tunes are really inventive and their moves are really well thought of. The drummer and bassist swap over for some songs and the lead singer does an awesome Tambourine when not playing one of the best looking guitars I have ever ever seen (a home made looking square with a slide holder).

Both bands are available to hear on spotify. Here are some starting points:

Wetdog – Lower Leg

Betty And The Werewolves – David Cassidy

Wetdog – Zah Und Zaheet

Betty And The Werewolves – Plastic

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