Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Unknown Music Reviews: Introduction

Over the last year or so I've still been buying CD's but there has been two significant differences

1. I have only been buying unsigned or not yet very well known bands on CD because I believe in supporting artists at the bottom but not at the top. Some of these bands have friends or acquaintances in them. Others I have just come across and liked a lot.

2. I haven't been listening to the CD's.

The reason I haven't been listening to the CD's has been that I use Spotify and YouTube to listen to all my music.

But this pile of lovely CD's, with beautiful artwork, often put together by their makers hands rises on my shelf. It is beginning to tower over me.

Some of those CD's I've heard bits of on myspace or on spotify or I've heard some of the stuff live. It's time to do them properly. Do them the way I've done Ida Maria and the XX. Time to listen to them from beginning to end and decide what I think.

So I'm going to do one a week. And review them on this place where I post occasional reviews anyway.

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