Thursday, 4 November 2010

Striking Issue 1: RMT...

(these commentaries on strikes are written using thumbs as facebook notes and tweets)

So far this tube strike has caused me to miss a great one off gig, now it makes me get up at six and severely bus it. Solidarity depleted.

But... obviously - if we are going to attack them though we need to REALLY be in it together.

RMT should be striking against ALL cuts. They should be striking with/for everyone. Even engaging in different forms of collective action.

Alternatives to single issue strikes

No 1: Collectively refusing to pay council tax until the welfare system is assured. We pay our taxes for the public good and if they are not being used that way then we should withdraw them.

No 2: Protests and shut downs such as those currently happening to make Vodafone pay its 6bn tax bill. Other good targets: Banks, Parliament, The City. Transport or fire service strikes make life harder for working and poor people. They aren't to blame. They can't take it. It is those with the money and power we should be opposing.

No 3: Striking with as many other unions as possible against all the cuts and for taxing rich/bankers/etc... as the most obvious immediate alternative.

No 4: A REAL general strike with everyone involved. The right to strike needs to be universal. Available to all whether they pay into a union or not. We should all insist on this. It allows for general strikes, stops people being forced against their principals to cross picket lines and allows people to opt out of unions without disenfranchising themselves.

(Also if the RMT are taking my advice they should really stop paying its leaders such high salaries. And stop asking for pay increases to their well paid staff. Oh and get rid of Bob fucking Crow.)

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