Friday, 22 October 2010

Dave Related News: October and Beyond

Hey, long time no tell you about all my projects, time to change that sad fact...

Apples For Everyone is ending. Come to our goodbye party:

11th December: 7.30pm: The Miller (96 Snowsfield Road, London Bridge SE1 3SS) £5 entry. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

The Band is dead, Long live the Band - Oh yes, The Dave is looking to expand into a band, London based musicians please check out the concept and consider getting involved. The advert is here. The band will also be a podcast. SPREAD THE WORD.

The Dave still exists alone however and is doing a solo gig in Bristol to prove it:

24th November: 8pm: Folk Tales ( Scout Hut [Bristol Harbour] Redcliff Backs [Black Wooden Building across the bridge and opposite Severn Shed and Riverstation, Welshback way])

The Dave's album "Going Back to Finish the Job" is available for £5 (inc p and p) from here:

Talking about podcasts:

I'm performing a true story told live (and without notes) *GULP* This is for Spark London, a great night of Stories that also has a podcast available (on the Itunes and other netty places) So come and see me on Monday 1st November at 7.30pm at the Canal Cafe Theatre, London W9 6ND The theme of the night is "Mistaken Identities".

Also I have become a curator for the excellent podcast aggregator So check that site out. On it you will get regular bundles of audio joy selected by various podcast fanatics, who trawl through the millions of options out there to you so you don't have to. Have a listen and TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

And finally on the podcast front, a new experimental podcast series has been recorded by myself and two old friends. The show is called Four Days In A Room and will probably begin to be released sometime in December. Watch this space or follow it on twitter for updates on this project.

My short story Elegance has been published in A DemonMinds Halloween: 2010 Edition (Volume 66) which is an American magazine. It's available on But buying it won't give me more money, my one of payment has already happened.

Why the delay on the release of The Reactionaries? Well that's a long and very boring story. It will be happening soon (I was hoping to be able to include it in this email but it wasn't to be.) The delay is NOT our fault. Our CD will be available ASAP.

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