Friday, 22 October 2010

ADVERT: New band being started, members needed!

I am starting a new band up. The band will be a 4 piece (including me) and it will play my songs.

I want to make epic electronic folk pop, mixing nice folky instruments with pleasing electronic sounds. I'm particularly interested in duets and multi vocal arrangements. The band will have a punk ethos and a low fi sensibility.

This is what my solo out put sounds like: I want to extend and develop that sound.

This is a spotify playlist of songs/bands I am currently influenced by: New Band

The band will not kill ourselves on the souless London gig circuit where no one sees you and you never get paid. We will carve out our own space with regular live performances recorded in intimate venues with invited audiences and guests and distributed via a free Podcast and a YouTube channel both promoted using Twitter, Facebook and other similar sites.

Basically we play in peoples front rooms and invite our friends to come along have some drinks and watch us play. No more hassling your mates to come out and pay stupid amounts of money to lazy promotors and watch a load of shite bands play!

Once we get followers online we will put on "live podcast" nights at good London venues. We will programme those nights with quality support acts and bands, pay everyone to play, and hopefully make a profit. We'll record the nights and offer them for free as podcast specials.

We'll also be looking to generate income through voluntary donation on our websites, we will play any good gig offers at none rip off nights (generally when you are offered a gig they are good, but when you ask for a gig you get screwed) and we will also sell EP's and albums as and when online.

Potential members need to live in London and be prepared to rehearse one or twice a week regularly. Music must be your passion not your hobby and you need to be someone willing and able to commit to regular rehearsals, recordings and performance. All singers must use their real accents. Only sound American if you are American. Ideally all band members can sing (I am not interested in conventional voices, there are many kinds of singing...) Also useful are webskills and music production interest/knowledge.

I’m looking for collaborators with musical ideas, and there will be plenty of room to put your own art into the project, however we will be playing my songs and adhering to my vision, at least for the initial start up period of the bands life.

So I play Ukulele, Guitar, Analogue Keys, Melodica, Kazoo and sing. To add to that I am looking for 3 of the following:
  • Bass player (who also plays guitar and/or keys)
  • Electronic sound maker who plays Syntherizer/Drum Machine/EWI... (Drum Machine could form the drums for the band so someone who makes good beats very ideal) - I'm particularly interested in using classic computer game sounds; spectrum, atari, nintendo etc... not making pure chiptunes or anything but having some of that in the electronic dimension of the music.
  • Percussionist who can play kit but is also into playing all sorts of rhythmic things
  • Female vocalist (preferably but not essentially also plays an instrument)
  • Someone who plays a nice and relatively unusual instrument: e.g. Cello, Bassoon, Flute, Banjo

If you are interested or you know someone who is please get in touch with me and we can meet up, jam and see if we click:



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