Friday, 22 October 2010

Compiling the Compilations

So over the last few months I've been sortof playlist blogging, with a different compilation being released over twitter and facebook (all created and shared on spotify.)

This happened semi accidentally, with me deciding that there were enough songs about whales that were ace to justify a playlist. After that I became interested in theme based playlists and have really enjoyed putting them together. There are some quality ones here.

I've been aided and abetted occasionally by tweeps and facebookers, giving me many useful and surprising suggestions. The twits of note are @EmilyCleaver (fellow whale song enthusiast), @haylien and @jadamthwaite (she made suggestions face to face mind you cos she happens to live with me for her sins.)

That said I am resting for the time being, with other projects demanding my time I must give something up and making playlists is the obvious thing to go.

So I thought I'd collect them all here in one place so that people can peruse them at their leisure and hopefully pleasure. I shall also repost them on the feeds when appropriate. The only playlist not yet promoted is the one about Snow. For obvious reasons!

(I am still open to song suggestions...)

Abstract Notions:

Heaven: A made for TV movie
A Memory
Personal Jesus
Dreams: Dreams / Dreams Of You

Rights Of Passage:

His and Hers Spotify Playlists about Wanking
Songs for hangovers - the dave mix
Moving House: Songs about years and days



Science and Space:

Dreaming of floating in space...
Moon: Moon / Croon Moon: The Crooner Edition / Magnetic Moon - Magnetic Fields songs about the moon


The River
Rain Down On Me

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