Wednesday, 25 January 2012

As @amandapalmer says "We are the media"

You may know that I'm running a crowdfunding drive for and

You also may know that I'm a loyal promoter and funder of interesting independent art. I have limited means but I give what I can.

If I've ever funded or promoted a project that you do I'd really appreciate some reciprocation.

This is my campaign:

Your contribution would help pay performers and fund interesting audio. Even dollar would be much appreciated. For $10 (£6.50ish) you start getting "perks".

Even if you can't afford to give anything sharing and promoting this campaign to friends with more disposable income would really help too. Compared to most other crowdfunding drives I'm asking for a very small amount but it'd make a world of difference. It's only by supporting each other independently that we can get the art and media we deserve.

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