Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This morning I travelled into the pasts vision of the future: #WestfieldStratford #ChurchOfApple

I was walking into Blade Runner to visit the Church of Apple. Thankfully the future was pretty deserted at that time.

The Church didn't open it's doors till 10am. The faithful waited in silent contemplation. The doors remained open but you couldn't go in.

Beneath the waiting people's contemplation and their worship there is fear. At the centre, wound round every faithful gut is need, pain, greed and fear.

Fear of what? Of everything. Of yourself. Of the world that surrounds you with its smooth metal and bright lights.

The Westfield centre is a huge mothership. It could be taking off now. Maybe we are consuming in space, up above, and inside. Will we ever get home?

I offended a man in the apple store by suggesting it was silly to refer to their experts as Genius'!

"I think calling them genius' is pretty cool," said the man. I looked round the room. It looked like a space lab. I sighed.

"Look, I'm sure they're pretty intelligent but they aren't Einstein are they?" I said. "You never know," said the man.

Soon afterwards a different man fixed my iPhone. "I don't know why it didn't work. I don't know why it works now!" he said.


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